As the globalist drivers of jab blackmail and lockdowns are used to threaten freedom and Christmas, we are reminded of the untrustworthiness of blackmailers, and of any product or action that they recommend.

We are also hit by the irony of winter lockdowns on the basis of scamdemic stats every bit as fake as those of the #ClimateCO2N, and which would amount to the coming true of the late #ClimateRealist’s, Christopher Booker’s, prediction of blackouts due to inadequate energy amounts sourcable from solar and wind.

The ensuing reality of a #GrandSolarMinimum’s natural global cooling, instead of mythical #ManMadeGlobalWarming, will make starker the energy shortfall of the UN’s #GreenNewSteal to #NetZero.

It will also render the fight for life-fueling fossils, a fight for civilised liberty, genuine science and political truth. Globalists choke energy as the currency of life. Their false, twisted church declares human energy nourishment a sin, as an excuse to punish by taxing.

As peaks of climatic cold, human happiness, energy conversion, and #ClimateCO2N debunking, mid winter festivals (Christmas, for the Northern, Christian world) are attacked by UN #CarbonPuritans. Their eternal forecast of hell and high water continues through a cooling climate and falling seas, even as they lockdown energy-consuming life, fusing the covid and climate pantimimes in an anti-human fall of lies without light.

To borrow from C.S. Lewis’ famous, ‘Lion, Witch and Wardrobe’, their evil will always be winter, yet never Christmas.

Humanity says no.

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