!!! #EvilBasket !!!

#EvilBasketBoris drives the decline of civilisation and Britain, #LocksDownLife for 1 year, #KillingPeople and #HurtingEconomy (to protect against 99.99% survival non-plague) — before demanding MORE #ControlledEconomicDemolition ‘to save Britain from #RomanEmpire style decline’, caused by #ManMadeClimateChange.

Since #ClimateCycles are natural, this last does not exist. Yet, on its false pretext, #BorisJohnson’s communist #NetZero drive would cause needless and unprecedented decline of wealth, freedom and true consciousness.

The #GreatAwakening has a golden chance to #ShineTheTruth into the manipulative shadow, cast by this destructive, psychopathic confidence trickster.

GlasgowBelongsToThePeople !!! #LetGlasgowLive !!! #ShineCityLights

ResistDefyDoNotComply !!! #TakeToTheStreets !!! #KeepStreetsAlive

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