!!! #DeathSpiral: #WeakBoris’ #SickRegime threatens 2 yrs jail for online anti-jabbers !!!

When a flailing despot threatens new laws that attack the core of free speech, on a deeply personal subject, and that might criminalise millions whilst proving unenforceable, he has lost judgement as well as respect.

Both jeopardise his command of the police, who have to enforce his laws, and without who his regime would fall fast.

His current, casual totalitarianism regarding personal health echoes the easy-toned outrageousness of his sentiment in Spring 2020, when he said words to the effect that people could not simply make their own decisions on that matter; suggesting that then, as now, he was acting as executive of the long-term, lockstep project. Yet his latest threat to silence and jail critics further suggests a lack of belief in the jab’s ability to prove its own worth.

This, alone, adds weight to its opponents, and will tighten the resolve of those determined to reject and expose its toxic, immunity wrecking evil. With that campaign in mind, court cases on this topic, with all their attendant publicity may be the last thing #WreckingBallBoris wants anyway.

Is it possible that, more than anything, this sorry threat from a cornered liar shows desperation to secure a position doomed by his own shabby surrender of his office to an evil international establishment which, despite its gargantuan size, is slowly collapsing?

#ResistDefyDoNotComply !!! #JabTreblesDeathRisk !!! #DontTekTheVaccine

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