The causal chains of reality form a network of energetic gradients and connections. Growing human awareness of them — both as they really are, and as mis-represented by deceitful power — has led to widespread use of the term matrix, especially since the media intensified its lying programme to push widespread belief in the #CovidScamdemic.

Yet awareness of chain reaction webs has long existed to a degree in the human subconscious, where it has governed the structure of verbal language, as well as of maths, particularly in infinitives and gerunds which, as expressions of process, describe the operating chain reaction of a matrix, ie a combination of one or more vectors.

Traditionally, to constitute a narrative, a sentence needs a main verb. This article’s headline has that in imperative form, ‘perceive’, differing from the descriptive indicative through its controlling, action-triggering interactivity with the listener.

To be continued …

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