!!! CO2N AND ON AND ON !!!

As realisation of each globalist scheme — #ClimateCO2N, scamdemic, 5G assault, digital currency and social credit score plans — acts as an entry point to discovery of all the others, and as those who are awaking compare notes and share light, worldwide, the desperate globalists themselves — keen to choke oil supply to raise prices — push the dying lie of #ManMadeClimateChange ever harder, but to less and less avail.

The fake cause of fighting ManMadeClimateChange is OUT COLD — as natural climate cycles continue, uninterrupted, and as the world now cools in response to a #GrandSolarMinimum, solar cycles being the driver of climate, and CO2 levels changing in response to this, sun-driven climate, after a time lag of 800 years.

The fake cause is so dead that Greenspark has to RECRUIT PEOPLE TO PROTEST: the establishment needs to fake manifestations of popular will by organising it, from the top down, on behalf of the corporations and governments who want to regulate every inch of life, ration energy needlessly, and depopulate the planet.

This is a bad joke.

If you agree that Greenspark are helping anti-human fraud — and bringing their other, valid cause of cleaning beaches into disrepute by association — why not message them, and tell them so?

This is their website https://www.getgreenspark.com/

RefuseGreensparkDarkAge !!! #KeepLightsOn !!! #EatHeatLive !!! #SunDrivesClimate !!! #TakeFreedom !!!

SunDrivesClimate !!! #CO2resultNotCause !!! #CO2feedsForests !!! #CO2feedsCommercialPolytunnels !!! #CO2growsFood !!! #SolarMinCools !!! #CheapEnergyWarms !!! #FakeCrisesLicenceDictatorships !!! #FossilsFuelLife !!! #WaterPowersCars !!! #TeslaFoundFreeEnergy !!! #SunDrivesClimate !!!#ShineTheTruth !!!

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