!!! SIMPLY THE BEST: #PieroDelCorbino è il futuro !!!

2 years and 8 months after his March 2020 arrest for opposing the #ScamdemicLockdown — the lowest point of British peacetime civil liberty since the industrial revolution — Piers takes freedom on, in the indestructible medium of spreading consciousness.

The NWO know they are losing: hence the G20’s self-defeating haste to restore a permanent #GreenPass for all international travel — just as #JabDeath and #JabInjury are becoming recognised crimes of the UN, WHO and domestic politicians.

Astrophysicist and meteorologist Piers has shared climate truth for decades, from #WeatherAction.com, his forecasting company. He stands not just as the originator of the movement, but as one with a physicist’s specialist expertise on several of its legs: the #ClimateCO2N, #5Gradiation, and the #Scamdemic, not to mention his logician’s speed of undestanding of the logistics of corruption, the better to expose and counter them.

!!! #VaiPiero !!!

!!! #ResistDefyDoNotComply !!!

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