The globalist hoaxes of #Covid and #Climate gained traction, significantly, because modern society’s unwritten rules value trust over reason and verification. The lazy, fake ‘good vibes’ of trusting with neither genuine sixth sense, nor triangulated secondary logic, have become a badge of belonging to the mainstream, and especially to the university-indoctrinated professional middle class.

The rotten and dangerous contract of compliance with #ScamdemicRules was pushed by widespread acceptance of the notion that unquestionning collective trust was good and would be rewarded: the declared duty was to follow, not to question.

This evil inversion of universal law — which itself demands we apply our divine reason, along with our free will, in persuit of truth, light and love — created a sense of sick paralysis, that hung in the air of #CabalCoupDenial, and emaciated the fearful eyes of those who mask-pinched their sight to hold belief in #CommunoFascist lies: an emotional submission which debilitated logic.

The great political and media-based leverage acquired by false UN and WEF authority has resulted from the great duration of unquestionning trust that it has enjoyed. From the illegal spawning of the #FedReserve, through orchestrated wars to soul-tracking healthcare contracts, false patriotism has broken God’s word by demanding obedience instead of divinely orientated reason.

Centuries of supposedly pious branding, in the form of national flags, ceremonies and enlisted churches, do not change the fact that such overriding of freewill — the one essential to make choosing light count — is the mark of the beast.

Yet, after all this, as #MikeYeadon’s deeply British, logic-anchored light is shared, from Florida to the world, soul by soul, its people are seeing the reason, and knowing that they, too, hold it.

After a long fall, we are starting to return to the light.

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