The #SocialCreditSystem has government assign values to services and products according to its own criteria, and as distinct from those which would result from the open market.

So, if people want petrol, but government wants it to be phased out, then — despite high demand for this product — the state’s issuers of social credit penalise its sellers and buyers: they redefine petrol’s official value to ignore the market, and reckon only with their, governmental disapproval.

By valuing commodities according to authority’s judgement, not market demand, they are redefining money itself in the same way. The price of items becomes not the amount that the buyer will pay, but the amount that the government — with or without an ulterior motive — thinks that they should pay, if the transaction is to be allowed at all.

This centralised and biased twisting of money’s free contract essence would be bad enough if governments’ missionary re-evaluation of it were done honestly. But, to have it instigated as presently planned — on the basis of the causality-reversing lie of the #ClimateCO2N — would be to have imposed upon us a valuation system for goods and energy that is, at its core, criminally market-manipulative.

Social credit measures not the buyer’s desire for the product, but the government’s desire to control, if necessary by making rules that outlaw and negate existing demand. If real money is the inherent voltage of market appeal, via which peer-to-peer liquidity flows naturally, social credit is an externally imposed counter-voltage, which abuses human market forces with coercion against their will, and, sooner or later, exhausts itself to deserved death, since the effort of forcing people is, to use the #ClimateCO2NSTERS’ favourite word, totally unsustainable.

As we keep trade free with physical cash and crypto, the Globalists’ #CommunoFascistFix will fail: market-rigging attempts always do.

#BuyerSetsValue !!! #KeepCash !!! #TakeFreedom

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