The PR-PM, David Cameron’s decisions, like Blair’s before him, are driven significantly by the need to survive politically: hence the thought-light shabbiness of his image-motivated reshuffle.

Accordingly, if he does survive, it will only be narrowly: big wins demand a landslide popularity surge — reserved either for the best, most zeitgeist-tuned actors, or for those with real, palpable conviction.

David Cameron, and his calculated but soggy metro-centrism, fall into neither category: an insult both to the sacked Michael Gove’s pioneering and Herculean education reform, and to previous, principled leaders’ Tory stewardship, they may yet see the Conservatives fall short of a 2015 working majority.

For ill-conceived cynicism, they rather deserve to.



Scotland’s people’s engine of business growth is being blackmailed by cheap would-be dictatorship.

The Telegraph reveals Alex Salmond’s stodgy despotism below, as he strains to give his personal glory primacy over his people’s future as a vital, dynamism-infused British nation. He has threatened pro-union business leaders with consequences if they speak their mind.

Is this reckless affront to democracy, to cover his own poor judgement, a clue to his future leadership style, if he should win the referendum?



Aunty’s BBC English Dictionary

Reasonableness (noun) — the condition of being considered sane and logical by the BBC, esp. as a qualification for having ones views fed to the public by that broadcaster.

See also

Crank (noun) — silly, unreasonable person in the view of the BBC, whose opinions it will not transmit, irrespective of their foundation in logic or otherwise.

Word of the Day

Man Made Climate Change (noun phrase) — the reason why you should pay fuel taxes and trust the EU and UN (orig. unknown)



Alex Salmond’s considerable ability and intelligence is blinded to basic economics by his emotionally-driven obsession with Scottish independence.

His being prejudiced will not lessen the hardship and loss suffered by the Scottish people if he is allowed to rely on renewable energy in order to balance the books — because it won’t save the doomed wind industry, never a viable power option, and now a joke as cooling climates expose Man Made Climate Change lies, and snuff EU grants.

The Scottish people — inventors, scientists, engineers and pioneering academics — have long combined the logic of gritty thrift with high abstract thought: neither of which would be satisfied by Mr Salmond’s proposed, indulgent retreat to a personal Fairytale Kingdom, built on wind and debt, where his dreams live, yet Scotland’s wealth is choked.



A Telegraph report paints a worrying picture of Prince Charles’ bias-driven lobbying of the British government, and his active support for the Labour Party — despite the political neutrality demanded of the Heir to the Throne and future Monarch.

Will his reign, if it comes about as expected, have elements of neo-feudalist direct control: returning politics to a state like France’s pre-revolution ancienne-regime?

Can Britain afford an unelected, yet obsessively interfering “Royal President”, whose reverence for money-burning, mythical Man Made Climate Change — as June snow buries South America and Utah, and as the sun weakens — will risk the economy and chill the old with fuel poverty?

Can Britain afford a leader with the self-indulgence and arrogance to make the sacred, tax-sponsored throne not a focus of national wellbeing, but a back door to unelected rule?


!!! NOOOOR–WAY !!! …it’s a BLEAK MID-SUMMER for TROMSO !!!

First WHITE JUNE in TROMSO for one and a half centuries!

Sometimes the snow comes down in June

because the sun is changing tune!

The frozen flakes fly past our eyes,

as the sky blows its white surprise!


Vanessa Williams “SAVED THE BEST ‘TIL LAST” in 1992: only 6 years before 1998’s sun driven global heat-peak — which came just before our current cool down!


!!! MIA is HERE — for YEARS AND YEARS !!!

(MIA is Mini-Ice-Age, forecast by Weather Action for 7 years, and now underway)

For climate truth, check

WeatherAction.com — and LOOK FORWARD!




Brussel’s broken Europe faces a statist dusk: its energy supplies squeezed by both Russia, who it has chosen to aggravate, and the UN’s anti-carbon priests, whose “COLLECTIONS” must be filled with poverty-driving energy taxes — despite a cooling world.

But, it seems as though the lights could well stay on Down Under.

Spurious green targets may be scrapped under Liberal Aussie PM Tony  Abbot. This will turn the lights out on state subsidised, unproductive PARASITE  GREENS, like bird-slaughtering windturbine operators…

… whilst helping the PEOPLE, and the REAL ECONOMY, with lower taxes and a reduced chance of power blackouts: giving global levels of government sanity a welcome boost…

… and reminding European victims of the forthcoming Brussels Dark Age that they still have a vote: and therefore a choice.





!!! DOWN !!! DOWN !!! DOWN !!!

Sea levels are falling, now that ice-caps have returned to NET EXPANSION — with the Antarctic ice growing and thickening to post-1979 record amounts, as  freezing rate exceeds the ever present melt rate. The latter was recently misleadingly reported as cause for  alarm, with regard to two local, longterm Western Antarctic outflows — which do not change the overall expansion trend.

World temperatures have been declining since the sun’s 1998 activity peak; even as irrelevant CO2 rises — and as finally confirmed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (see “Wattsupwiththat” link at bottom).

The world was hotter from 1,000 AD to 1,300 AD. Then, the active sun melted Greenland to fertile farming country, as its verdant name reminds us! This period was clearly well before industrial or car emissions.

And now, with the blogosphere bypassing the mainstream media, the global warming myth is collapsing.

Mainstream media channels are in the embarrassing position of delivering reports that some of their journalists, and many of their viewers, know to be rubbish…

…while the truth screams loud and proud online.

No wonder they wish they could censor the web.



RED ED has returned.

He has announced a new plan — with former Wickes DIY boss BILL GRIMSEY.

Their homemade economic dictatorship has a real chance of syphoning votes back from UKIP to the TORIES, as working people shun their proposed, economically rancid, Seventies’ retreat.

These GRIM BROTHERS, Ed and Bill, have devised a SUCCESS CAPPING SCHEME: one with Ed’s uniquely awkward, yet destructive, hallmark…


He is planning a SHOP SUPER TAX — one separate from the business tax that shops already pay … and much more besides. The details are below.


1. The SHOP SUPER TAX is a property ownership tax — on top of the income tax and business rates already paid by shops.

2. A 1920s farm tax will be revived — removing farmland’s business rate exemption; just as weather worsens with falling solar activity, and rural economies struggle.

3. A TAX ON EFFICIENCY will hit businesses in prosperous areas: punishing places where people’s effort has created wealth — and GIVING that wealth to places where it HASN’T!

This grand redistribution scheme will pay people to fail on a national scale…

… until the money has run out, because everyone has either failed, or gone.

Ed Miliband’s punishment of efficiency, wealth creation — and ultimately of giving — will create a country where NOONE WORKS OR CREATES — but where EVERYONE thinks they have a RIGHT TO TAKE.

This is an impossible society.

Red Ed Miliband is an IMPOSSIBLE Prime Minister.

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Snow has fallen at sea level in Santiago, the Chilean capital, as the South American winter continues to grip.

Snow had only been forecast for ground above 1,000 metres. Its falling at sea level was dismissed as an anomaly by forecasters — despite the very low solar activity accompanying the cold weather, likely to form a Mini Ice Age over the next few decades.