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??? NO COMMENT ???

This week, as U.S. frost gnaws away at belief in “Man Made Global Warming”, U.K. Energy Minister Ed Davey finally found himself with the perfect opportunity to explain it to a wide audience of professionals, business people and the public.

He chose not to take it.


WeatherAction.com founder Piers Corbyn, bearer of a UCL Physics First, and the successful pioneer of longterm, solar activity based weather forecasting, asked Mr Davey when he would recognise that “Man Made Global Warming” was unproven and nonsensical — since CO2 has no effect on temperature (the gas actually gets released AFTER any increased solar activity has warmed seas; and as a RESULT of that process — CO2 is NOT a climate DRIVER).


Rather than ANSWER this fundamental point, which would have STRENGTHENED the Lib Dems’ Green position, Ed Davey chose to MOCK it: a cabinet minister regressing to the anal stage of toilet humour, as he focussed instead on whether cows burp — or fart — more CO2.


This showed contempt for the question, and for everyone who pays Green energy taxes.

It showed callousness for those in fuel poverty.

Above all, it showed his belief that he is unaccountable…

…and that, because Global Warming’s promoters are above human law, they don’t have to justify their theory with the laws of physics.


They use the glue of social conformism’s micro-mechanisms: whether these be toilet humour’s uniting of a cosy audience against an unwelcome new idea; or people’s commendable desire to be progressive and bien pensant — which can actually stop them scrutinising establishment orthodoxy.

As the web of uncritical warmist acceptance expands, it makes ever-more parts of infrastructure fit around its selective and expensive rules; creating its own, nigh-universal client industry: a subsidised non-business that EATS THE MONEY OF ORDINARY PEOPLE.

Yet this fake, “green” blob is still ultimately doomed by its own, unworkable fraudulence — even with all the echo-effects power and cash can bribe.

!!! RED ROAR !!!

The People are fighting back against this cheating, though morally arrogant, waste of human endeavour.

The blue-nosed, power-centralising Democrats have just been dumped in America — along with 2 feet of snow, as the sleepy sun’s new Mini Ice Age mocks Obama’s fan-heated mantras.

!!! YES WE CAN !!!

Energy lives in people!

It grows, it makes and it gives!

It thinks beyond the state drip.


!!! Be happy, NOT CO2NNED !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dyihQtBes1I




The Director of Policy for “Friends of the Earth”, Craig Bennett, seemed SO impressed with The Rev Philip Foster’s Climate Realism in a debate, that he asked to read all the climate sceptic material himself — when he had INTENDED to OPPOSE it.

For Craig, as for many teachers at debate-hosting Brentwood School, Philip’s information was completely NEW.


The Baby Booming Left once revolutionised the 60s — partly for the better.

But their power gained made them the new establishment.

As such, they have become vulnerable to generational overthrow, especially in schools: due to their naive reliance on perishable progressive cool — and not timeless reason — to advance their causes.


Unsupported by any evidence, Global Warming theory has been integrated throughout the National Curriculum — even now, as low solar activity has us on course for a Mini Ice Age.

But scientist and theologian The Rev Philip Foster has begun to address this silent bias.

His debate against Craig Bennett, last Tuesday, may well prove to have inspired a new wave of REALLY liberated intellectualism!


So paralysed has thought been by the peer-group membership requirement of uncritical trust in Fake Green, and Big Government, that many students AND teachers have been partly thought-blinded — the more so due to the bias of mainstream broadcast media.

Philip used the IPCC’s OWN data to blow in unchained reality: a heady, anarchic thought-blast, explaining natural, ever-present, sun-driven climate change — which has been in a cooling phase since 1998…

Explaining that CO2 has no effect on climate.


Officially a debate, it almost became an exhibition: Philip’s adversary, Craig Bennett, all but joined the audience, requesting his Climate Realist notes at the end.

Global Warming trusting teachers were genuinely surprised and curious, as the established but vague Warming theory was held up to a natural, myth-busting light: climate cycles through the ages, from a frozen, snowball Earth, once spinning in pure CO2, through the pre-industrial Mediaeval Warm Period to the 1600s Mini Ice Age…

… to now, with the sun weakening again.


Why are such basic — and crucial — facts the preserve of a handful of people via the grapevine, or by virtue of the school they happen to be in?

The BBC’s pro-Global Warming bias is a state sponsored disgrace.

Their refusal to present a Warmist vs Realist “false” balance, since “it would not reflect the 97% warmist majority”, takes no account of the arguments themselves — only of those advancing them: a group whose “consensus” is driven by carbon tax hungry, Warmist paymasters — not by facts.

This uncritical credulity is fatuous journalism.

And it gives serious weight to growing numbers who say, sadly, that the BBC is warped beyond repair.


Thanks to The Rev Foster, more are now informed — and genuinely critical — than this time last week!

Thanks to the web, ever fewer people listen to the BBC!


And thanks to Big Government fatigue, young libertarians are perfectly placed to think and breathe fresh ideas…

…not re-heated propaganda.