Does Bloomberg see itself as part of the Man Made Global Warming bandwagon, assuming future climate doom as a given — and only asking how much we need to pay to try and stop it?

Bloomberg has posted a video link dubbed “The Political Divide Over Climate Change”, on its “Business Week” website. Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis attributes Republican climate scepticism solely to the anti-market measures imposed as solutions to Global Warming.

He does not mention the matter of evidence — or lack of it!


!!! MID-SUMMER’S YEAR WAS 1998 !!!

He ignores the planet’s cooling following the 1998 solar activity peak — the recency of which explains relatively warm years over the past decade, even though it has started to cool, as witness recent Euro and US freezes.


Tellingly, this cooling has been happening even as irrelevant CO2 has continued to rise; and still does now — to no effect on climate.

Bob Inglis ignores the world’s having been way hotter than now from 1,000 AD to 1,300 AD — 600 years before car emissions — because of the sun. Then, in the Mediaeval Warm Period, Greenland was melted green, and people farmed it: 500 years before industrial emissions!

In 1998, in the 20th Century’s “Modern Warm Period”, even the BBC’s nascent web presence featured the sun’s control of climate.



John Prescott, the Bloc’s lead negotiator for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, has said the EU risks losing ground in the fight against climate change, as it prioritises energy security over reducing emissions, amidst concerns about the future reliability of Russian gas supplies, and its current plans to cut imports from Russia’s OAO Gazprom.


The “fight” is demanded by those who predicted that Arctic summer ice would be gone by 2013 — a year when ice amounts increased, as the delayed effect of the post 1998 cooling started to kick in.


World temps have fallen, in contradiction of UN and IPCC predictions; showing that their climate models don’t work — a fact underlined by the frigid US winter just gone.

Stock traders need to anticipate the market’s next move to profit: they must be “ahead of the curve” — unless they are trying to manipulate the market.


One thought on “!!! DOOMBERG’S FAKE DEBATE !!!”

  1. Bloomberg are just the propaganda arm of the banking fraudsters underpinned by massive endemic fraud. The Green ponzi scheme is indeed alive and well, inflated by the hot air of Bloomberg and a bunch of fanatics in Whitehall who keep the gravy train overflowing by subsidising the criminal theft of tax payers to fund their bonuses and load us for generations to come with debt. At least Victorian follies were a gift for future generations architecturally-these ridiculous prayer wheels cannot even last their measley projected lifetime of a quarter century. Nothing is built to last – except the debt. We will also have to replace everything over and over again, hardly a sustainable approach – is not about free markets but a protection racket of quasi socialism for the few. They have every vested interest in distorting truth to make money. They are also fully aware that manipulation of markets is not illegal for them and can get away with a token fine when the wrong doing is shown the light of day.

    It will not always be so and I’d advocate asset stripping to pay back to undo the damage – like reopening energy plants closed due to the ridiculous strike prices (the new corn laws) and anti competition penalties on cheap affordable energy. Bloomberg are welcome to the prayer wheels – I’ll be cooking with gas 🙂

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