Mad #FloodWall coercion for Scottish town PUSHES UN #Agenda2030 on the false pretext of #ManMadeClimateChange — but may yet face a grassroots backlash that goes viral.

Flooding is caused largely by the abandonment of #RiverDredging, in line with SEPA policy. This has been a problem all over the country. Resuming dredging will solve the problem without need for an overreaching council to force a community-splitting ‘Berlin Wall’ on Langholm life.

Flooding is not made worse by #ManMadeClimateChange which, since CO2 change is a RESULT, NOT A CAUSE, of sun-driven climate-cycles, does not exist — except as an energy-taxing myth.

The world IS presently entering a #GrandSolarMinimum, with several decades of reduced sunspots and lower solar activity. This leads to more earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as bending and tropic-shifted jetstreams, and natural weather extremes amid overall cooling.

There are fewer Atlantic storms, but those that do occur are stronger — and wetter: hence the poetically wet weekend for the flood meeting!

The UN and the IPCC know this, but want to use the false excuse of #ManMadeClimateChange to impose energy rules on the world, along the lines of those drawn up as #Agenda21 at the Rio #EarthSummit, back in 1992! So, even when Paul Homewood has caught NASA, NOAA and GISS cheating data to fake warming, these organisations and Globalist politicians have carried on, regardless.


The Langholm community’s staying strong in the face if this illigitimate, external coercion, and its refusing the wall, will keep the town’s peaceful beauty intact for future generations — along with its rugged autonomy, and ability to withstand the #NewRaj of the UN.

In this, it can lead the country.

The link below describes the frosty onset of natural global cooling’s wonders, and the comically, damagingly corrupt politics of the #ClimateCO2N. Freedom has an ally in Neil Oliver, @thecoastguy.


    1. Yes! The late journalist, Christopher Booker, an ally of Richard North, who wrote for the Daily Telegraph, chronicled the policies of the Environment Agency in England, which are deliberately anti-dredging, and seem to go with the anti-agriculture, re-wilding trend, as well as having the ring of #Agenda2030 about them. The MP Owen Paterson (currently victim of a progressive witch hunt) knows a lot about this, and is friends with a friend of Piers.

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