RED ED has returned.

He has announced a new plan — with former Wickes DIY boss BILL GRIMSEY.

Their homemade economic dictatorship has a real chance of syphoning votes back from UKIP to the TORIES, as working people shun their proposed, economically rancid, Seventies’ retreat.

These GRIM BROTHERS, Ed and Bill, have devised a SUCCESS CAPPING SCHEME: one with Ed’s uniquely awkward, yet destructive, hallmark…


He is planning a SHOP SUPER TAX — one separate from the business tax that shops already pay … and much more besides. The details are below.


1. The SHOP SUPER TAX is a property ownership tax — on top of the income tax and business rates already paid by shops.

2. A 1920s farm tax will be revived — removing farmland’s business rate exemption; just as weather worsens with falling solar activity, and rural economies struggle.

3. A TAX ON EFFICIENCY will hit businesses in prosperous areas: punishing places where people’s effort has created wealth — and GIVING that wealth to places where it HASN’T!

This grand redistribution scheme will pay people to fail on a national scale…

… until the money has run out, because everyone has either failed, or gone.

Ed Miliband’s punishment of efficiency, wealth creation — and ultimately of giving — will create a country where NOONE WORKS OR CREATES — but where EVERYONE thinks they have a RIGHT TO TAKE.

This is an impossible society.

Red Ed Miliband is an IMPOSSIBLE Prime Minister.

Copyright truthexcites.com 2014


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