!!! DOWN !!! DOWN !!! DOWN !!!

Sea levels are falling, now that ice-caps have returned to NET EXPANSION — with the Antarctic ice growing and thickening to post-1979 record amounts, as  freezing rate exceeds the ever present melt rate. The latter was recently misleadingly reported as cause for  alarm, with regard to two local, longterm Western Antarctic outflows — which do not change the overall expansion trend.

World temperatures have been declining since the sun’s 1998 activity peak; even as irrelevant CO2 rises — and as finally confirmed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (see “Wattsupwiththat” link at bottom).

The world was hotter from 1,000 AD to 1,300 AD. Then, the active sun melted Greenland to fertile farming country, as its verdant name reminds us! This period was clearly well before industrial or car emissions.

And now, with the blogosphere bypassing the mainstream media, the global warming myth is collapsing.

Mainstream media channels are in the embarrassing position of delivering reports that some of their journalists, and many of their viewers, know to be rubbish…

…while the truth screams loud and proud online.

No wonder they wish they could censor the web.


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