The mad slaughter of Scottish birds, by state-sponsored, wing-chopping wind turbines, is set to continue — as the UK government, and the Green Investment Bank, plan to invest £74 million into the deluded renewable energy projects championed by “Wee Eck” Salmond.

As all too many Scots know, after recent M8 blocking blizzards (and, on a brighter note, last winters’ record ski season), cheap, plentiful energy is increasingly vital to keep everyone safe and warm — especially the old, who suffer most in cold.

THEY should not pay the price either of Al Gore’s tax raising, Man-Made-Global-Warming fairy story (in the face of record cold spells from Chicago to China), or of Alex Salmond’s unrealistic reliance on renewables: the latter neither financially viable, nor a reliable power source.


Salmond’s wind dependent scheme has been concocted to win cosy votes from his target support, rather than to work for the people.

He is jeopardising a proud nation’s prosperity; at the altar of his personal need to define its being according to HIS vision.

The thought, common sense and thrift which have long powered so much Caledonian talent, and exported it worldwide, deserve better than farcical mis-government, driven by personal obsession and vested interest.

The needless slaughter of golden eagles by windturbines further emphasises the callous, progress-indifferent opportunism at the heart of Salmond’s project: an ugly emptiness, now ever more visible, as exposure of his currency planning failures has seen his oratory fade on the home straight: leaving a most pregnant silence.


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