The BBC News Channel has today interviewed blogger Tom Cheesewright about the EU’s new anti-carbon law for internet-enabled devices to be made to autoswitch to standby when not in use.

Newscaster Gavin Estler devoted several minutes to listening to a list of the marginally energy-saving advantages of the “common sense” proposal — and less than one minute — at the very end — to any possible downsides, like poorly performing devices.

He didn’t even mention lost data, lost connections — and the stolen rights of people to choose what they buy; and to use it as they want.

The EU’s costly, anti-carbon Carry On continues.

Gasbusting bureaucrats are paid to invent groundless, harmful rules throughout Europe — on the basis of a sponsored scientific fairy story.

TruthExcites believes that Europe needs a complete political and journalistic reset to prevent this creeping, talent-choking, people-infantilising power grab.

This should start with more direct accountability — and with removal of the corruption-cushioning state-funding of media.

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