… DISCO 2000 …

Deborah Bone’s untimely death is a tragedy for her family, and a sad loss for the nursing profession.

In tribute, TruthExcites would like to celebrate her role, as Jarvis Cocker’s muse, in inspiring Pulp’s “Disco 2000”.


As Britain’s first decade of nonstop hit-music radio reached half-time, this beating fanfare to the common man’s heartache played a small part in uniting 90s music.

Its pulsing, chord-borne massage of love’s aching insights carried all our lonely crushes on a driving climb to open emotion, to self-understanding, and to dry, empathetic humour: to feelings which transcended music genre divides.

Its four-four pistons were perfect DriveTime fuel injection: Britpop DTi.

As track-bumpering jingles still evaporated, the igniting beat would rev, driving electric warmth to the runway — and pressing play: releasing soaring chords to float the pain away, with panoramic euphoria — so often a school disco anaesthetic for a winded heart.

Here, male yearning sought a warm, vivacious beauty.

Deborah’s tragic death leaves us lamenting the loss of the nurturing love that she gave to her family, to nursing, and to all she knew.

It also leaves echoes of DISCO 2000’s longing: urban; authentic through its lonely routine — and deeply, eternally human.

May the music go on.

May Deborah rest in peace.

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