Traditional oriental cultures boast many portals to greater understanding of the cosmos – none more so than their frequent revering of the insights afforded by experience: by age.

Free of Western peer groups’ ageist culture prison, philosophers and elders surf their perception and reason; they can see, think and communicate, unrestrained by conformism – old or new. And so do Donald Trump’s 70 years of discovery and understanding.

Just as the Social Democratic consensus of the late 20th Century is close to crystallising as an authoritarian, bureaucratically entrenched world power structure, the post-60s GroupThink that drives it is being challenged by the individualist energy of age.

Trump’s quietly bullish raised thumbs have an easy rage against the machine; they stroll applause for his fans, before the mellow tones of his seamless bitterness hug popular frustration with real hope.

This is possible.

Globalism is entrenched – yet not officially a unified world government.

The growing blogosphere is alert to banking corruption, including that of central banks; and to the feeble hypocrisy of the establishment’s creating ISIS via Saudi Arabia and Quatar – and then making trouble when Putin attacks them in the name of all that is free.

The #ClimateCO2N is being disproved by cooling reality, as a natural, solar activity-driven #MiniIceAge begins. The pseudoscientists and CO2N-TAX establishment are having to resort to conflicting lies. Their fraudulent taxing of energy, as people suffer and die in the cold, makes them vulnerable to informed whistle blowing – and common sense.

Human freedom is guaranteed by both the constitution – now held in contempt by the establishment – and by Nation States’ independence: separate countries’ existence gives citizens choice about the society in which they live. One-world government would remove this choice – and, with it, government accountability. A Clinton term from 2016 to 2020 would rust the architecture of freedom, from Leftist Supreme Court appointments, to slow collusion with the U.N., as its elites try to destroy the Land of the Free.

Trump, the businessman, has the liberated energy of the elder.

He understands the global danger of political monopoly – and the universal value of freedom of choice: a choice American citizens have for one moment in time, tomorrow.

TruthExcites.com endorses Trump, whose fearlessly honest energy can free Western consciousness from vampiric government.

We hope he frees the world.


Copyright TruthExcites.com, 2016

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