World-news heavyweight, the New York Times, professes to “re-dedicate” itself to honest reporting – after a year of deliberate, systematic bias.
But, to borrow from Rhianna, are they sorry – or just sorry they got caught?
They apologise, wrongly, for underestimating the popularity of Donald Trump – a phenomenon which is irrelevant to honest reporting of events, or lack thereof.
Perhaps, before offering their qualified mea culpa, they should think of the depth and breadth of their skewed opinion polls, one sided opinion pieces and selective reporting, on a national election, for the world’s leading free nation – and in their capacity as one of the world’s biggest newspapers?
Their wording certainly gives the impression that they don’t understand objectivity that well; but that they have suddenly tumbled to how much damage their recent, overboiling bias has done to their reputation.
It will take much more than a sloppily conceived justification, disguised as an apology, to change that.


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