Demented Dermot Murnaghan appointed himself judge and jury of his fellow journalists, as he ignored the schedule discussion of the Trump-Farage “bromance” to spend several minutes accusing Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam of lacking respect by not wearing a poppy. Mr Murnaghan returned, obsessively, to this side issue, apparently seeing populist mileage in it for abject MSM network Sky News; despite his having been told, repeatedly, that Kassam had donated £300 to Royal British Legion and had left his poppy on his other coat.
The presenter’s fake spin fell flatter still when, cornered regarding the distinction between deliberate and accidental omission of a poppy, he brazenly tried to change topic – to Kassam’s wry amusement. The whole trivial episode underlined Sky News’ lack of future in a web-powered world where content is key.


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