The vague Liberal hatred of Trump derives – more than anything – from his having re-opened the acceptable terms of debate to their full extent; which they enjoyed before the Obama regime’s heavy encroachment of political correctness, as thought-choking Safe Spaces spread intellectual frigidity around supposed centres of exploratory learning.

As Conservatives are quick to point out, Trump’s refugee policy is similar to Obama’s own, which was not condemned as fascist. Yet, Trump’s tone of voice on this, and other social issues, is radically different: he has torn up the unwritten bans on forthright, flamboyantly conservative language.

It has been this very action which has played a significant part in winning him office – especially from former democrat voters in the Rust Belt.

And now, he is breaking even more unwritten rules: by actually keeping his promises, and doing – at a cracking pace – the unsayable things that he said he would do; at the expense of both Liberals and the Globalist media owners.

It is his perfectly pitched honesty, and promise-keeping executive efficiency, which is making his enemies shout so loudly.

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