Grey Major’s sad tale just gets worse and worse.
The trouble is, it is difficult to feel sorry for the human wet morning since, beside the gritty concrete monotone, sits a dangerous spite.
He was indeed closer – in terms of destruction – to Robert Louis Stevenson’s colourful villain, Long John Silver, when his obstinate stupidity pulled Britain into the 90s tradesman’s entrance of an EU vortex.
And that was after being part of an anti-Thatcher coup, which diluted her legacy of self-fulfilling, Atlanticist optimism, with the slightly chauvinistic gruel of conformist, Euro-patrician cronyism.
The globalist belief in Big Government sits at the heart of Major’s prickly, establishment status craving ego – and his small thinking.
That much was clear from his bitter rant today. Luckily, it came from a chippy grandee, whose soup-like political vision no longer has the legislative traction to drown a successful economy in a doomed, bureaucratic bog.



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