!!! #SUMofUS #SnowflakeDespots CAN’T ABORT INDIGO TORCH !!!

As freedom-phobic #SUMofUS fights Breitbart’s enlightenment of the world – with a despotic harassment of its advertisers, propelled by an ugly, dangerous, self-interested Messiah complex – one advertiser typifies Breitbart’s intelligent, tribeless consciousness: whose vibration lies at the heart of the libertarian winds, now so devastatingly undermining the New World Order’s grimy, group-glued opacity with harmony-heralded truth.

Indigo-herbs.co.uk feed the ascending spirit with waves of organic energy, to enlighten the journey from the gym to Nirvana. As their name’s aural reference to higher planes suggests, like Breitbart, they liberate everyone’s instinctive recognition of truth.


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