After Daniel Hannan’s condemnation of CPAC’s inclusion of Marion Le Pen as a conference speaker, #TruthExcites argues that economic nationalism, like hers and Trump’s, safeguards true competition against globalist stagnation — and restores the self-love which powers any economy; yet which has been eroded in the West by the globalist Left.


To some free-market conservatives, like Britain’s MEP Daniel Hannan, Trumpism’s flaw is its protectionist economic nationalism: a potential driver of US inflation, reducer of natural, open market innovations, and harbinger of political movements driven by negative populist fear, and not positive, pioneering vision. Despite Trump’s rainbow-pragmatism — inclusive of all success and ambition — they also think it has Nationalist-Socialist overtones.

This view says, rightly, that inter-business competition improves standards; yet overlooks the global dictatorship of any free trading corporation that dwarfs and controls governments, in a fusion of big business and international über-government: the definition of fascism.

Like the world banking system and the UN, it stamps its dogmatic global gridiron down into formerly sovereign governments.

If a few companies grow to a quasi world government, we need nationalism, instead, to save competition, via domestic tax cuts and increasing civic freedom.

Trump’s so-called trade-war plans will not only restore competition between governments — and with it civic choice for all who must remain on this planet — they will also redress the balance of a global economy which was stoking future, developing world inflation through pointless, socialism-driven, US-penalising policies — notably the carbon CO2Ntaxes, of which our cooling climate makes an annual mockery.

More fundamentally, Trump’s wisdom starts on a Jungian level.

Built into the world’s anti-American economic policies was a diffuse, opaque and penetrating decree by the globalist Left that the West must feel guilty for its human success; that it must hate itself. As any psychologist will tell us, self-hatred makes loving others impossible.

Western self-hatred thus makes creating, giving, selling, and economic growth impossible, too.

It is not only Marion Le Pen’s and Donald Trump’s socio-economic literacy that gives them an ideological purism close to the mellow, globalism-wary tones of Rand Paul: it is the fact that this socio-economic literacy is founded in psychology — and that the fundamental driver of any human economy is the people’s minds.

A world populous fettered by guilt is miserable and needy. But free-thinking people, liberated by competition between neighbouring governments, can love themselves.

Civic pride’s giving wealth will be a people-powered gift to the world.

Copyright TruthExcites.com 2018

Brexit’s House Globalist Daniel Hannan Slams CPAC for Marion Marechal Attendance bit.ly/2ow8UZf

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