Hackney Council manages, arguably, London’s most creative borough. Through its young population, combined tech and creative businesses and consequently rich art scene and nightlife, from Shoreditch High Street through Dalston to Stokey and Clapton, it epitomises the fluid fiesta of thinking drinking which 24 hour licensing was meant to herald.

Yet, rather than nurture positive adventure in a city that would like to call itself 24 hour, a regressive council has voted to choke the transforms energy that has forged a multi-cultural success story of innovation, goodwill and creative fun.

The music of the night pulls workers of the week, and their money, to the area. Switching it off at Cinderella midnight is destructive of vitality and prosperity — and needless for a city that needs more late venues, as European cities have from Norway to Spain, not fewer.

If this sorry, petty, ill-considered policy is not reversed, the borough’s rise as a creative hub will be damaged by those briefed to safeguard its wellbeing and free its potential.



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