!!! Will MAGA momentum help British Conservatism to ‘conserve’ the release mechanisms of human potential, thus restoring the infinite power of free thought and action — instead of preserving recent decline, driven by the post-Blairite EU’s Social Democratic consensus ???______________________________________________________________

The soggy, Centre-Left establishment is epitomised by the expensively illogical dogma of anti-Brexit Chancellor Philip Hammond, who would have Britain an EU colony, not an Atlantic nation.

Following the international order’s globalist consensus, instead of surfing logic, Hammond’s twisted caution replaces conservatism with inertia, in a #BrexitBlind soup.

!!! CAN #BlueSkyThinking FREE BRITISH TORIES ???

Yet, even in Britain, the web is letting sunlit truth enlighten the darkness of the once restrictive, BBC-dominated media scene. Can a new strain of #BlueSkyConservatism raise the traditionally coloured flag, Phoenix-like, from such #OldWorldGloom, giving the British renewed belief in the reason that 60s bourgeois guilt snuffed, and harmonising with the optimistic blood red of Republican endeavour: a transatlantic purple, not of Soros’ soft-communism, but of an Empire of the Common Man, founded and powered by Freud’s creative, industrious, generous id — and a living, wealth-generating, body-political monument to philosophers from Hayek, through Mark Twain to Rand Paul — and, now, President Donald Trump?


So powerful is the individual mind — for intuitively creative soccer and reason, alike! — that its being targeted by corrupt authority is inevitable. After decades’ elite-driven dumbing down, the absence of confidence to surf the grid of reason leaves people allowing the media ask the wrong questions on their behalf; like why, when he called the Brexit referendum to strengthen his Conservative voterbase against ‘Tea Party’ UKIP, David Cameron put party before country — when the question should be why, after years of covert, denied power transfer to Brussels, no other politician had offered a vote for reasons of honest democracy.


A tacit public acceptance — even from leading Brexiteers, so numb has years’ media bias made them to distorted debate-framing — of EU Remainers’ sense of entitlement to a revote which, had they won, would have been laughed out of town by Leftists on BBC shows #Newsnight and #MockTheWeek — displays Leftist #MainstreamMedia’s entrenched power to defy logic and justice.

It also indicates the degree to which power lies behind the scenes of official democratic protocol, and outwith the offices of state; just as the victory of non-establishment US President Trump has been a litmus test for the #DeepState’s extra-Presidency control of media and government. These ‘disconnects’ between democratic vote and political outcome constitute strong evidence of invisible, supra-government power — but only if public minds have the confidence to trust themselves, not #BigBrother’s socially cosy bread and circuses.


In a project spear-headed by Ivan Atanasoff — colleague of #WeatherAction.com founder Piers Corbyn — the Academy of Climate Events (ACE) is due to launch from London, this Christmas, acting as a lecture and discussion forum for politically unspun thought and intellectual advance, free from the politicised science that, arguably, has poisoned the mainstream university sector. It’s early pilot slots have already featured a profound presentation from the #ElectricUniverse group, as natural climate change accompanies a renaissance of interest in metaphysics, and the transmitted solar and sidereal vibrations common to both.

‘England Expects’, Ivan told TruthExcites! Certainly Britain deserves some honest discourse after decades — or centuries — of lies.

But #TruthExcites.com wonders whether England should detect and project, more than ‘expect’! Only individual initiative will restore people-power, raw thought — and the Libertarian Right.

Conservatism should not be of recent, bad laws that have bureaucratic momentum. It should be of freedom.

In its constitution, America’s core is an idea, that frees and motivates all. Yet Britain’s equivalent point is the monarch, an unelected human being, assigned inherently higher status than the citizens, without cause, and acting as subconscious limit on popular achievement.


If Brexiteers Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson — opponents of Teresa May and Philip Hammonds attempts to stay in the thought-policing EU — can match words with deeds, maybe individualism will ovrecome groupthink once more, freeing national discourse in the style of ACE, mentioned above.

Could it be that, to surf their thought fully, people need only read the cosmos; ‘drinking from the stream’ of God, whose incident flows — as radio telescopes know — describe every star that sends light, without need for a leader’s permission, or guidance in interpretation?

Then, with everyone powered correctly, society thinks, soars — and shares!

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