The British Daily Express has, in recent years, made itself known for melodramatic weather predictions of freezes and heatwaves, that often contradict each other, as recently archived ‘forecasts’ remain linked to divergent current ones.

That said, Leftwing Trinity Mirror’s recent Express-acquisition, from Brexit-crusading mogul Richard Desmond, has seen the Express remain the most open-minded UK publication regarding sun-driven climate change. Before the takeover, it warned — several times — of growing global cooling, and of a forthcoming ice age, great or small.

Why, then, does this East Atlantic publication continue to sully its factual integrity, and confuse its theatre, with the outdated and contradictory lies of #ManMadeGlobalWarming — as in the scientifically groundless feature linked below? Alone of mainstream papers, it consults with #WeatherAction’s #ClimateTruther, Piers Corbyn (shown above) whose prescient, #CO2NBUSTING solar-lunar weather forecasts part-shape some of its stories; yet it feels a need to quote, and lend undeserved credebility to, the promoters of the failed global warming scare — even as growing polar ice, along with bent, tropic-shifted jetstreams, and swinging yet overall-cooling temperatures, support Trump’s belief in natural climate cycles. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/1038556/Bitcoin-news-mining-global-warming-temperatures-2-C-by-2033-study

In this awkward accommodation of oppressive globalist falsehood, the Express buys the tired data-fakery of NGO’s, the #NOAA, and the international #MetOffice establishment, whose income the Warmist myth drives. This journalistic submission to #BigBro is despite its ‘#TeaParty’-aligned readers’ being wise to the #ClimateCO2N.

So why DOES it defer to corrupt authority, in costly discord with its cavalier soul — and just as the world is awakening?

Does this policy stem from new, Leftwing editors and owners — or is it merely an oversight?

TruthExcites.com invites Express.co.uk to lead the way amongst the UK press, by abandoning establishment climate spin, and investigating and relaying the rare drama of a #MiniIceAge’s onset; perfect for an über-British brand, with a tradition combining the national obsession of weather, civic freedom and some esoteric wackiness — especially when this last takes the form of the climate scoop of the century, and is just waiting to be splashed, cover-to-cover, with depth and drama.

If the Express still befits its ‘world’s greatest newspaper’ tagline, then — following its continent-shaping rôle in forging Brexit — breaking cold climate truth, while rivals choke on silence, would prove it, nicely.

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