Europe’s artist soccer coach has gone to Britain.

With choreographed Renaissance animations produced, live, by his finely tuned direction of league-winning Manchester City players, Pep Guardiola has not just conquered Blighty’s windswept, chaos-injured game with his crystal midfield, but has brought trust in free reason to a society often failure-frozen by regard for personality-cult over principle.

Manchester City’s mid-Eastern owners show all the wisdom that grew their wealth. A revving flow of Arabian gold has whispered smart billions of belief into Guardiola’s organic mix of supersonic geometry and brotherly warmth, as his mind and heart leave false status obsolete. He has massaged this team from a crude, provincial, lower mid-table side, to precision engineers of tik-tak’s ephemeral angles; a flowering reflected in their away kit’s golden purple, that has illuminated British soccer’s rain-sodden abrasion with his own, politically insurgent, Catalan fire.

It is interesting to note the greater closeness of European anarchy to the American dream, than to Britain’s gloom-preserved status quo. For instance, would such ‘Tea Party’ heat negotiate Brexit better than Teresa May — not just through liberated personal force, but through a cool, ultimately professional focus on the system, and not the supposed opponent? In being principle powered, Guardiola’s system is people powered — and reliant on thought, not authority. Seen as a political structure, it is neither ancient monarchy — nor a modern, celebrity-following equivalent, the latter so despised by royalist traditionalists, yet so similar in its mal-wiring of civic ambition.

Further, Pep Guardiola’s enlightenment — ironically via a populus-sedating ‘circus’ — verges on redefining the game’s structure, and shifting the focus of identity and loyalty from club to coach — and, thus, from tribe to principle.

Manchester City’s single winning goal, scored Monday this week against London’s Tottenham Hotspur, was a Guardiola goal: a vapour trail of similar ones hang in the recent history of Barcelona and Bayern Munich, his previous clubs. The goal was born of a wide player’s balletic, space-making deception, and of speed off-the-ball; of mature indifference to which player actually delivered the final touch — and of an easy, organic-robotic sureness in finding him, as reliably as possible, to do it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ILqRtJv7LGs

Does this constitute a single, definable constitution, emerging from different groups’ common essence, as developed by one leader? The British often regard the America First movement as nationalist. Yet, to do this ignores America’s basis in a concept, not in a tribe or in that tribe’s lauded leader. To say ‘America First’, is to say ‘People First’ and ‘Freedom First’. It is to prize the principles of money’s and energy’s flow structure within a society, the better to maximise the multiplicity of connections — and, with that, understanding and prosperity.

As Pep Guardiola’s free thought becomes an brand of objective soccer enlightenment, beyond any one team, can this aspect of world awakening see President Donald Trump’s prioritisation of the American Constitution connect more widely and deeply with individual people, and their tuned endeavour and prosperity: a light untwisted by the vampiric energy-predation of ruling personality-cults, and one that reaches Brexit Britain, Brazil and the world?

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