UK reality star, Luisa Zissman, declared on a radio talk show that there shouldn’t have been a British EU membership referendum — since governments are chosen to take big decisions for the people.

TruthExcites.com argues that this contrived, defeatist deference to opaque globalist power is a general millennial trait — and, psychologically, a very unusual one for a youth movement.

Examining Luisa’s assertion, it should be noted that governments are chosen according to which policies they promise — meaning the democratic system is designed PRECISELY for public decision making.

Further, when then-PM David Cameron called the British EU referendum, it was a public vote, amid a uniformly pro-EU establishment. It was, thus, direct democracy in a situation where only a specific in-or-out vote could give the option of EU exit.

If you read the feature on Luisa’s statement, linked beneath this article, how does her tone strike you?

For me, behind the contrived argument that EU membership’s pros and cons are beyond people’s grasp, lies a querulous denial of human potential — and of her own.

The notions of a public’s proudly, dutifully surrendering big calls to leaders, and of governments’ license to withhold votes when they oppose public will, are anti-human and defeatist — in a way typical of some millennial movements whose surrendering of self-belief has been a condition subtly imposed on them, by a post-Rock’n’Roll education, as a requirement for zeitgeist membership — and for ensuing social and professional opportunities.

Opinions ventured in support of this entrenched, politically correct hyper-modesty, ring strangely: is it their lack of reason which seems to give them a defensive, almost-tearful intensity?

Are they driven by want for a mission? Has problem-free Western prosperity left millennials without a project to establish their generational identity, or their belonging as individuals within that generation?

Thence could arise the need for an ill-defined yet all-pervasive richteousness, credited them by a self-styled trendy authority — in exchange for taking their decisions! It is an authority licensed by MTV and the pseudo-liberating, calculated glamour of globalist media, who make thought-diktat palatable by having its acceptance a necessary license for a mind-drugging form of hedonism, the obligation of which kills true eroticism — along with the mind.

This subconsciously established contract supports universities’ thought-fossilising snowflakism, as an army of lecturers and faux-progressive mentors attack individualism to sell oppression — by virtue merely of its contempt for the supposed sepia-primitivism of a semi-mythical old order.

Appearing to subvert parental education, the mentor-class remove the inner belief which that very thing instils: they are, indeed, the #BigBrothers of globalist authority, which erodes the family to steal the soul.

Millenial ego’s need to own the views, which — subconsciously — they know have been projected onto them, makes them cling to snowflakism more tightly. Theirs is the praise, and the cool — and the loss of mental independence, self-confidence and any true capacity to act.

Without realising it, they have made themselves an obedient, orthodox congregation, in a twisted church whose only — and squalid — aim is to gather power for its managers by hiding thought’s light.

The end result is a fear of the self — lest its still, small voice collapse the false euphoria of deference to the group-feed. It manifests as a strange, illiberal modesty: a politically correct self-effacement, like a modern version of Victorian etiquette, whose mantra of cool belonging is that ‘authority knows best’.

Such entrapped pessimism dripped miserably from Luisa Zissman’s needy assumption that ‘no deal’ would naturally PUNISH leave voters — instead of being their STAIRWAY TO FREEDOM, and away from the toxic weight of #StayMay’s lead anchor.

No wonder former ‘Sex Pistols’ punk revolutionary, Johnny Rotten, is a Brexiteer.


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