Is Justin Trudeau’s official, shabby bribery of independent Canadian media a timely wake up call to free thought and expression — and financially ill-conceived from his viewpoint?

He has launched a scheme offering extra funding to media organisations which mould their operation to gain his approval.


This comes just as the #TechLeft’s Silicon Valley, located in the communicatively free US Body Politic of the First Amendment, has created a Cyber Politic realm where its censorship applies, and which has — over the past decade — become the main debate arena.

This Cyber Politic extends around the world. A digital media platform has become an international country, with laws that wield more society-shaping power than the US government — and which wants to use them to impose its values on the public.

Moves like Trudeau’s are helping this distortion of world consciousness — and beginning to effect politics significantly, as Globalist Macron’s election in France over Marine Le Pen, and Facebook’s silencing of conservatives and Infowars, pre-midterms, showed.

But people are starting to realise what is happening.


By sponsoring those who will sell him their journalistic independence, Trudeau reduces the credibility — and thus the monetary value — of the media companies who accept his #GlobalistShilling.

With stark clarity, this attempted bribery will show the awakening public, by default, who they can trust.

To help create a #LightWeb of worldwide #FirstAmendmentFreedom, from cables and servers to searches, payment systems and content, please call TruthExcites.com on 0044 7881 954 810.

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