By sculpting Cubism, StourSpace’s Dialogues of Space fuse audience with exhibit, in a remix of the viewing experience.

A video projection, through a hanging cascade of angles, flickers a bonfire, high to the roof’s iron canopy; warping the screen’s orthogonal truth, as interruptions stretch fixed image detail through a frozen waltz of vanishing points.

Base-pegged lightening shimmers like a volcanic graphic equaliser, burning our immersion in the part-extruded plane: the LookingGlass exhales from 2 dimensions to 2.5, and the movie joins its viewers, discussing life and dreams with them, in one, social, season-rustling kaleidoscope.

Tube lift announcements massage and amuse, as we re-live them without commuting’s sweaty fatigue. Snow scenes repeat image as medium, the snowflake-esque installation seeming to project itself, squared beyond space.

2 dimensional works continue the fractal circuit, as we hover between minds, lines, light and shadow, with depths carved from shape, with enlightening psychedelic agility.

And, for this of all exhibitions, TruthExcites.com recommends you go to tonight’s opening launch party, at StourSpace, Hackney Wick, London: only with a weekend-sized throng can electric dreams truly unite.

And only when they do can you know where they will take you!


Copyright TruthExcites.com

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