Barack Obama’s presidency had one truly great thing.

That was its slogan, ‘YES, WE CAN’.

Optimism, springing from our boundless potential, has run through electorally successful leaders, good and bad, from Reagan and Thatcher, through Blair and Obama, to Trump.

But are conscious free will, and its great, inherent power, easy to forget?

Can malign, even faux-optimistic authority infect us with invisible delusions: assumptions, which seem obviously true, yet which — when we look carefully — fail logic, and vanish, like a looped rope being pulled straight?

!!! DOMINOS !!!

All reality ultimately consists of chain reactions. They reach us when we see them. Research, discovery and enlightenment is retracing their history to their origin — like following starlight back to source. We then chart their journey and author.

The sound- and light-energy signals which enter our brain as our knowledge’s fabric, along with our breathing, eating and drinking, all drive our physical output of creativity and work.

We are ‘tori’ — doughnut structures, with a hole right through us (our digestive tract) which conducts energy. Being more advanced than worms, humans have multi-channel output, yet the channels still span us completely, thus fitting the flowing, processing torus model.

As Morcheeba sang, we are ‘Parts of the process’.


As tori, we are part of an evolving, source-driven universe. Another part is Planet Earth’s orbiting of the sun. We term this 940,000,000,000 metre concatenation of circle-forming positions a ‘year’. That named event then describes other causal chains, using the number of its occurrences to which they correspond.

That number is ‘age’.

Examining this carefully collapses our notion of ‘time’ to causality.


Left unconsidered, ‘age’ can seem like a ethereal background absolute, separate from the developing universe it measures, sliding us incessantly to this life’s end. Yet ‘age’ is actually just a count of the coincidences of our evolving lives with completed orbits of the sun by the Earth — something that does not effect our genuine inputs of breathing, eating, drinking and social or spiritual reception.

But merely assuming that age is our upstream controller makes our happiness depend on a planetary orbit: a parallel factor, projected onto us from a system outside our control. This makes us feel helpless — even though a second glance would tell us that it has no governance of our condition. The festival-spangled calendar’s fellowship of delusion makes acquiescence more attractive than challenge.


If we feel subtly doomed, we can lose sight of the power of our own choices.

We can forget that our condition isn’t being pulled anywhere by completed orbits of the sun: that we are not being carried by an imaginary river; but that, rather, we are a real river of causality, which we control.

We can harmonise, feed, give and ascend in causal freedom, without limit, and independently of our grounding on this plane, in the gravity-wired solar system. 

We become wise to authority’s imposition of manipulatively blinding rush, and we gain an exhausting, yet euphoric, imperative to act.

!!! YES — WE CAN !!!

Further, if we can untangle the ‘time’ construct to parallel chain reactions, so we can explore freely everywhere. Seeing the big picture doesn’t need computers, textbooks or jargon — only our minds, which can drink from multiple streams, without having to feel their way around a house blindfold, as with equations’ single lane comparison feed.


We can’t stop the Earth orbiting the sun.

We don’t need to! 

This external unstoppable doesn’t effect our health!

Why not scrap the notion of age, and swap it for an overall body condition and wellbeing index, akin to BMI? This would free us from a layer of subconscious fear: a transparent, friction-heavy film of palpable yet groundless misgiving.

The assumption of decline would be gone, replaced by attention to true condition optimisers, like diet — and by exhuberant ambition for this life and the next, whatever the nature of the causal transition.

Enlightenment’s happiness hormones boost immunity, and project our being further and better! Greater prosperity and generosity follow, with harmony-based resistance to the vampiric authority of bad governments who would farm our energy.

Myths need shadows to seem real. Debunked, the oppressive notion of age collapses before Grade 3 pupils’ knowledge of planetary orbits and parallel events.

Then, the road to nowhere stops sliding — and the American dream spreads health and civic autonomy, through wealth beyond currency: an enlightened, unlimited, comprehending connection.

Copyright, TruthExcites.com 2018

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