!!! #TotalEclipseOfTheTruth !!!

Britain’s August and September have played out WeatherAction’s and Piers Corbyn’s global cooling forecast to the letter, with unusually deep summer low pressures, followed by mid-August ‘October murk’, before significant, early September chill, as the #MiniIceAge circulation pattern intensifies, in tandem with the building #GrandSolarMinimum, seismic activity rise and cosmic ray increase.


But, with the false narrative of #ManMadeGlobalWarming threatened, the mainstream media and especially BBC have launched a propaganda overkill, attempting to entrench belief in, and even dependence on, the #ClimateCO2N in different sections of society.

!!! #TwistAndShout !!!

With decades of icecap melt deadlines missed, a freezing Greenland, and the model-busting bent jetstream’s polar vortices in both hemispheres, they are working very hard.

They have courted farmers to make them believe that energy taxes can safeguard their livelihoods against extreme weather and flooding. During the forthcoming natural cooling, these will be inevitable — as will severe frost and snow.

Fake-green fuel inflation — Ed Milliband’s introduction under Gordon Brown, when the BBC banned #ClimateRealist voices — will only hurt farming, and all industry.

!!! #StealingSunshine !!!

But, worse still, the rogue control of false guilt and fear hurts humanity: in making hot weather evidence of sin, it steals sunshine; in making successful energy conversion to societally useful forms, it steals money.

In predicting the end of snow — laughably enough — it threatens the wonder of the child, hoping emotional blackmail will trump reason.

!!! #DoomBoom !!!

Alarmists believe their white lies — all the way to #BakeFakers NASA and NOAA’s own data alterations, to cool the past and warm the present — are licensed by their wealth redistribution aim.

That sense of missionary justification for globalist control of life is terrifying — especially when combined with the power and money of George Soros, #BigOil and #BigGreen; with the sociopathic zealotry of #ExtinctionRebellion’s Roger Hallam — and the integrated global reach of the banking system-linked UN.

The current media #DoomBoom is great news for reason and freedom. 

It shows that alarmists are losing — and that they know that.


To keep freedom and understanding growing, we can shine and share the truth, ever more widely: until the redacted shadows of establishment lies are a discordant irrelevance — and consciousness becomes a web of light, not a labyrinth of dark.

So come and join Piers Corbyn’s own #WeatherAction, along with #TruthExcites, at Westminster Bridge, London, on Friday 20th Sept (this week) for the #Action4Life celebration.

Like Katrina and the Waves, we will shine a light!

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