!!! #TrojanhorSe !!!

#HellFireGreens’ app wants to access your mind.

The Globalist UN is attaching its energy- and money-controlling #ClimateCO2N to local issues in order to make its cause more popular. 

A recent example is the supposed grass-roots demonstration in historic Venice about the its coastline’s vulnerability to rising seas, when seas have been falling for several years, as the world stars to cool from its 1998 heat peak to a #GrandSolarMinimum. 

!!! #DiddledBritain !!!

As the early #GrandSolarMinimum changes weather patterns and cools the world, the media establishment, and notably the BBC, are doubling down on the #ClimateCO2N — and targeting middle England; the home of robust conservative thought, which they want to change and fit to the schemes of #BigGreen. 

So The Archers, Radio 4’s rural soap opera, adopts sustainability-based stories (farms competing for environmental grants) that reference #ManMadeClimateChange, and the supposed need to reduce carbon emissions, as givens — without even questioning their relevance, or exploring the sun’s rôle in driving climate. 

By making them background assumptions, do the BBC hope that belief will be entrenched more and questioned less? 

Similarly, August’s week-long focus on farming seemed to seek to integrate farming practice with #ClimateCO2NSTER plans, by making farmers believe that it will help them through flood risk prevention. This is despite deep summer low pressures and amplified storms having been predicted by honest scientists as the results of a #SolarMinimum-weakened planetary magnetic field, that exposes us more to solar winds — and a magnetically bent jet stream.


Mainstream media’s acting on a basic motivation to establish an immersive network of mutually supportive falsehoods — adaptable with time to remain an unchallenged source of revenue for the #FakeGreen religion — is supported by its approach to Donald Trump’s climate realism. 

Mainstream media used this as a headline objection to him. This made both #ManMadeClimateChange and scepticism thereof topical. 

But, given such a ripe and topical subject for exciting debate, with all its links to a controversial President, they chose to ignore it. 

The supposedly impartial BBC has not investigated the matter from any angle but the alarmist one. Nor has it investigated #ClimateRealist scientists and the main blogs that promote such views.

We would love them to tell us why!


And, while they are thinking, another Warmist ‘documentary-crew ship’ gets stuck in the ice — and the #ClimateCO2N remains, as ever, bad AND mad. 

But, as this #ShipOfFools get frozen stiff — by the ice they said had melted — let the people be wise; and strong enough to protest, rather than acquiesce to unchallenged UN and NGO theft of energy, money and happiness: the real sin.

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