!!! #TruthExcites hears about the worsening INDOCTRINATION in London’s elite schools, that CENSORS WORDS and CHOKES THOUGHT !!!

A London mother of two, originally from Peru, has spoken to #TruthExcites about a recent intensification of teachers’ classroom bias — and that in the supposedly excellent private sector.

Her elder daughter — now an upper sixth-former, who we will call Melissa — used to go to a North London co-ed. There, the issue of #ManMadeClimateChange was presented as fact, with no debate allowed.

The only guest speakers invited to discuss the subject were climate change alarmists (as well as pro-EU advocates), in another sorry instance of the hideous imbalance at the heart of the education establishment: a foundation for the mind that no-platforms views it dislikes.

Since she was studying politics, Melissa wished to speak about Brexit — and, in a brazen attack on free speech, was given a list of words that were forbidden: an Orwellian insult to any school’s supposedly educational duty.

News stories, provided for students by staff, invariably came from the Leftist Guardian and Independent, strongly encouraging bias — even though other sources were permitted.

“It’s like the whole world is The Guardian — that’s it!”, said Melissa.


Her mother removed her from the unbearable bias, sending her to another, this time West London, school, to escape the censorship of free speech. Disgracefully, she was a Western refugee from thought-dictatorship, such was the counterproductive reward for the school’s client students — provided by supposed professionals and at considerable expense.

In her new school, views amongst the staff varied, but students were free to debate and have their own ideas — surely an essential for any place of learning and exploring!


Everything changed this year.

A new English teacher twisted feminism to a toxic cult, brainwashing the girls. Melissa’s year-younger sister — whom we will call Cristina — came home crying, after her first day.

She felt put off English.


The teacher in question — whose job was to open minds, and help students find themselves in the context of her subject — introduced herself as a hardcore feminist, thus trammelling them — from the outset — with the most aggressive tone possible.

In a discussion of authors, she said that Charles Dickens had been ‘the only good white man’. If an equivalent sentiment had been applied to black people, she would surely have been sacked.

She continued that ‘every book was about sex or death’, and repeated the disturbing mantra when Cristina wanted to explore romanticism — all this at a time of grave public concern regarding suicide websites, and the sharing of dangerous emo-cults on Instagram.

!!! #FakeMatrix !!!

#TruthExcites deplores the hijacking of mind-inspiring education by Leftist dogma.

The rot is from the top, with both publishing giant #PearsonLongmann, and exam boards, integrating the #ClimateCO2N and other political slants across the system, from the viewpoint of different subjects in the syllabus.

This is a #DarkWeb of false cross references, confusing and manipulating young minds.

It is a governmental and corporate assault on consciousness — and a true threat to human wellbeing and progress. Luckily, while lies need to be faked from every angle — in a warped, cosmic film set — the truth just needs revelation.

Let’s make it available to all, as soon as we can!

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