!!! #SlyNews !!!

As the Shoreditch grafiti has long said, SkyNews are, indeed, SLY.

They dismiss the #AntiLockdown protest’s misinformation: without examining the separate but parallel attacks on the blood’s oxygen by the corona virus and 5G waves. The latter have been proven to damage cell structure and impede breathing.

This would mean that the military-grade 5G transmitters — installed on some UK streets during the supposed lockdown — made any corona sufferers worse, since the two, separate causes have the same, single effect.

5G transmitters are part of the smart city UN #Agenda21 — along with #NetZero50, despite the sun’s driving a currently cooling climate’s natural cycles, and CO2 changes being a delayed result of past sun-driven temperature changes and a cause of no climatic effect.

The upshot? To support Agenda21, SlyNews have attacked the liberty and health of the people — and dismissed Piers Corbyn’s liberating wisdom and climate realist honesty.

His arrest for speaking the truth in a Hyde Park, London, on a Saturday afternoon disgraces the country that he loved, and that VE Day heroes thought they had freed.

Luckily, truth needs only one angle to resonance, not the 360 degree fakery of the mainstream media.

That is why it — and Piers — will win.

Piers founded WeatherAction.com, whose call of a natural #MiniIceAge cycle is now coming true and accelerating.


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