Charles Moore’s heroic #DailyTelegraph piece of Sat 16 May, calling out the lockdown’s effectively being a preview of needless #NetZero2050 austerity, is timely, as the liberty-minded journalists, like himself, Toby Young and Peter Hitchens, lead the mainstream press into freedom-focussed corona perspective.

!!! MORE, MORE, MORE !!!

But they need to highlight the fact that this taste of #NetZero50 was no accident: the purpose of the handling — and perhaps the creation — of COVID19 was to push Agenda21 on all fronts: controlling behaviour, creating financial dependency to boost government power, pushing vaccines, reducing energy use needlessly and damagingly, as per the #ClimateCO2N, and imposing a surveillance state — with military-grade 5G that assaults blood oxygen and life, in separate parallel to Covid19.

This all happened with known cures to this virus — notably quinine, as found in tonic water — readily available.

If crimes and criminals are identified, repeat offences can be stopped.

Yesterday, the police arrested Piers Corbyn for speaking the truth in Hyde Park — on the subject of a health and wealth-threatening lie that the UN and WHO have imposed on the British people with the help of the UK government.

If the free media highlight and oppose this giant construction of a false global consciousness for humanity, then they can make future lockdowns and other such hellish assaults on life much harder to bring about.

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