!!! #MagicsInYou !!!

As UK media graciously change tone away from #DoomBoom, after months of #FakeData #PlannedScamdemic — and perhaps while lockdown data starts to inform the #NetZeroModels the UN hope will be #AgendaPlentyHurty reality — joy comes from remembering that happiness is in us, whatever the media and gov say.

Corona sang summer is magic — and we are too!

We don’t need a government green light or Premiership football on terrestrial BBC to be free to be happy.

We are inherently happy — and free !!!

We are thus not manipulable by emotional investment in, and dependence on, mainstream media mood music; used ever more to override reason and install limiting delusions.

Combined, thought and self belief shine truth on this evil, staged darkness. Enjoy!

!!! #SummerIsMagic #WeAreFree !!!

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