EVEN AS Boris Johnson’s FASCIST PURITANS push fraudulent lockdowns on the strength of 91% #FalsePositives, snuff Christmas from months in advance and promote social distancing until Nov 2021, #TheGreatReset.com has the nerve to say #LetsKeepItUp — to reduce emissions.

A globalist lie that has wrecked lives and livelihoods worldwide, the existence of the supposed pandemic, with a death rate nearer 0.1% than 6%, is STILL being told.

Yet already its fake, pre-planned status is all but confirmed by the sermonising, patronising glee of advert above: CELEBRATING lockdowns’ emission-reduction in the year government bullying squashed humanity to #NetZero.

Chillingly, this growing technocratic fascism wants this to continue — despite the fact that #SolarCyclesDriveClimate, with CO2 variation a consequence — not cause — of these natural cycles.

As we enter a natural cooling cycle, cutting energy supply and phasing out fossils will drive fuel poverty and hardship.

It will hurt business, homes and humanity.

Is the lockdown’s purpose to give authority power to ration and reduce energy use — the only way that renewable energy could be remotely sufficient — albeit at the cost of abandoning life as we know it?

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