A few months ago, after initially dismissing corona angrily as a UN hoax, I thought for a few weeks that there might some truth in it, encouraged by friends with elderly parents. I was grateful to retreat to the Scottish countryside with my family.

The tight evil of bogus sounding TV announcments from dead, void-bound, remote video links, and the insulting #UncertainTimes ads that seemed suspiciously on cue in their synchronisation with the supposed pandemic, combined to make me share the sense of hollow dread that filled Peter Hitchens through the helpless stillness of a cool, bright spring that shone the early stages of a #GrandSolarMinimum.

Gradually, wiser stronger friends made me realise that this was nothing more than another hoax: with an irrational media narrative that ignored leaks of truth to plough on with its mad, bad agenda.


When September came, and a seeming re-opening was reversed on the basis of false statistics and 91% false positives — as noted by Julia Hartley-Brewer after interviewing Matt Hancock on TalkSPORT — it became clear that the government’s purpose was not to safeguard health.

Sweden shows that staying open creates fewer cases but the government ignores that and ploughs on with economic destruction — on the basis of largely spurious cases anyway.

What is the government’s aim? Is it to destroy the economy and force the people into financial dependency.

This is a frightening thought. But, since there is no health threat, we can feel free to unmask and break unenforceable rules without fear.

If millions rebel against empty, lying authority, and refuse to pay fines, imprisonment and containment will be impossible.

And the streets, and peoples’ minds, will return to life, rather than being an open air prison.

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