!!! #HumanSacrifice — to the #FalseGreenGoddess !!!

As #DoomBuffoonBoris slowly chokes the country, in compliance with the UN’s recommendations, and the #WEF’s #GreatReset.com plans, is he also squashing life as a romantic gift to Carrie, his #ExtinctionRebellion-minded partner?

Does the ease of simply following the UN line create a sick but addictive euphoria in him, as going with this life-destroying flow siphons human life energy as a vampiric tribute to his muse?

This would explain his despotic trance, and the sociopathic smirk that seems to hide behind his destructive and senseless edicts.

Perhaps this is wrong. But it would be compatible with Boris actions that go against his old stances on world affairs, before meeting Carrie.

TruthExcites urges him to work with positive energy and the freedom that makes human life a precious platform for happiness.

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