#DoomBuffoonBoris, Britain’s sorry Primeminister, is acting like a sheepdog, controlled by the energy-sucking UN farmers of humanity.

He drives people towards real, hidden dangers of enforced vaccination and AI enslavement — by making them run away from the promoted yet false threat of the #Scamdemic; just as sheep flee a dog to be herded into a lorry.


Like the dog, Boris’ acceptance of this rôle enslaves him. In his case, he is controlled by, and dependent on, the UN paymasters and their corrupt forces. His reward from them will be in the currency of their energy, acceptance of which will invest him in it, as he pushes their cause.


Realising this, and subscribing to love and light, not this blinding Satanic control web, is freedom — and within everyone’s capability.

#GodBlessAmerica and GodBlessHumanity

#KeepTheLight !!! #KAG !!! #KBF !!! #Trump2020 !!! #GoVote

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