If #DoomBuffoonBoris and his destructive government change policy, they may be out of office, and even imprisoned, due to the damage they have done.

The shift will also reverberate around the world, with even more impact than Brexit had, since UK politics — anchored by the City of London — is a cornerstone of the global power structure.

So the #UN, the #WEF and the UK government are cornered as partners in crime.

To continue their careers — as well as their paymasters’ #Agenda21 — they no choice but to ignore reason and truth, and continue to use groundless lockdowns as a destructive tool to crash the economy for the great reset — described on the World Economic Forum website, as well as at GreatReset.com

To have a hope of making the public accept the great reset — a bad thing for freedom in itself — they had to impoverish and injure society on the basis of a lie that they invented.

As a #CrimeAgainstHumanity, the #CovidHoax is unprecedented.

But if it works, it will not be the last of its kind. For this reason, their criterion for decision making has to be exposed as irrational and corrupted by the hidden agenda that spawned it.

Its authors must be punished and removed from office — along with its promoters.

Punishing — not paying — the blackmailers will #MakeCrimeFail — and stop repeat offence.

To free the world, share this light.

#NoNewNormal !!!

#KeepTheLight !!! #KAG !!! #KBF !!! #Trump2020 !!! #GoVote

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