!!! #ShockHorror !!!

British people have an entrenched tradition of trusting their government and domestic media. The idea of Covid being a hoax is an enormous leap because of this.

It is also very frightening. The phrase #ShockHorror — that normally refers to a dated notion of tabloid sensationalism — describes the condition of the human subconscious now, with simple truth.

If the government would lie and destroy deliberately and on this scale, what else would they do?

What will they do?

Which forces are in charge, and what is their agenda?

Simple belief in one’s reason allows for the SherlockHolmesSolution: to eliminate the impossible, and follow what remains.

91% false positives, and a government that claims to seek a vaccine for a grossly exaggerated or non-existent yet ignores other, non-disruptive success stories from Sweden, show that #DoomBuffoonBoris’ aim IS that very disruption.

He wants the #GreatReset.com of the #WorldEconomicForum, #WEF.

Even though he and Matt Hancock wear suits, and look official, their current mission is not what they say. It is actually described at #GreatReset.com and on the World Economic Forum website.

Trusting ourself enough to act on our reason, without being put off by its sounding unconventional or way out, is the path to understanding and freedom.

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