!!! TWIN LIES OF #Scamdemic AND #ClimateCO2N !!!

The lie of #ManMadeClimateChange was trusted mostly by young, liberal, metropolitan, university educated professionals, especially in the South. Thanks to UN networks and offshoots, the universities, their courses, placements and career contacts all combine to promote it and make acceptance of it almost essential to proceed in professional life — this despite its being demonstrably false, promoted with proven upward data adjustment by @NASAGISS and the closing of 6,000 rural weather stations in the 1990s, and — to cap it all — the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruling AGAINST Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick, when he mounted and lost his case against Tim Ball for libel.

This court’s rejection of the premise for carbon taxes levied worldwide went largely or totally unreported by the mainstream media, despite their great interest in climate change.

But — despite blanket and false mainstream media promotion — the #ClimateCO2N had limited appeal outside metropolitan areas, some parts of the South counties and university towns.

In demographic terms, the Brexit voting masses had little time for it. Moreover, it had been their will and independent mindedness that had forced Brexit — giving the UN’s #Agenda21 such a headache that even 3 years of trying to cheat, with the establishment behind it, couldn’t generate a solution.

The #Scamdemic has, until now, deceived and damaged many Brexit voting areas. There, trust domestic media outlets remains stronger than said outlets deserve. Doctors are believed uncritically in the communities that they are often still a part of, where many live near elderly parents. Without being familiar with alternative news online, they play it safe and trust authority.

So now the UN has two hoaxes with which to push #Agenda21 and the #GreatReset (obscenely advertised as a good thing on billboards, even as its constitituent lockdowns wreck more lives).

The globalists’ problem is that the palpably evil, designer psyop of the #FakePlague damages everyday life so much, with closed venues, curfews, #AntiSocialDistancing and #muzzles. Disagreement on climate with someone was academic. But disagreement on #covid determines where you stand!

This upsets people and provokes rebellion — #LifeRebellion.

In its bold bid to rule our neurons, the #PlanDemic is provoking a reaction and meeting resistance. And — even worse for the UN, the #WorldEconomicForum and #GreatReset.com — it is encountering the highest resistance amongst young metropolitans, who check news online and love to party.

They also know that others in their city are not getting ill.

The #CovidHoax — with its #NetZeroPusch and its #LifeEnergyCrushingLockdowns — is also starting to expose climate truth to the metropolitans who once believed in #ManMadeClimateChange.

As the universal need for freedom unites demographics against #DoomBuffoonBoris and the #UN, libertarian bloggers’ exposé of 91% #FalsePositives, and other debunking stats, are going to spread amongst people from all walks of life.

How long will it be before the globalist pyramid’s untruths fall like a house of cards?

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