!!! #LifeRebellion AGAINST #ExtinctionGovernment !!!

Funded by George Soros, and originally orchestrated by Roger Hallam, Extinction Rebellion have sought to present forced life energy reduction as a grass roots movement, mounted by the people. In reality, their vast resources have orchestrated, trained and paid their troops, whose incoherence when the UN-friendly police do tackle them shows their confusion about a climate justice cause that does not exist, since cyclical climate change is natural in accordance with solar cycles.

They are pawns of the illegally founded #FederalReserve world banking cartel, and of the UN and IPCC, who, by making valuable, life-attuned energy punishable, on the false grounds of man made climate change, fake a reason to tax those best at tuning energy to life — namely the resultingly wealthy #WesternWorld.

Since energy attunement is proportional to wealth, declaring it damaging and punishable makes wealth punishable — in other words, taxable.

So the UN and @NASAGISS have altered temperature to feign global warming and promote this fraud. Through illicit carbon taxes, they seek central, solo, and thus unaccountable, control of world energy flow: of life, and — with it — of the human contract’s and accordance that constitute money.

#GreatReset.com is financially backed by both #Greenpeace and #ExtinctionRebellion — and promoted by Boris Johnson, with the insultingly untrue slogan #BuildBackBetter. Said #GreatReset will amount to international, technocratic governance, mounted on the #InternetOfThings, where despot-controlled central computers will control and ration driverless car journeys, international flights and domestic energy use through smart meters. 


Their outrageous ability to cut supplies will cover the #FuelPoverty-driving shortfall left by reliance on inadequate renewables instead of life-fuelling fossils; particularly important for cheap energy in 2020, as the Earth enters the natural cooling period of a #GrandSolarMinimum, to last several decades.

The #Scandemic’s 91% #FalsePositives and psy-op manipulation work in parallel with the falsely energy-condemning #ClimateCO2N. 

Together, they lockdown energy-dependent life.

They attack activity, interaction between people — and their internal energy flows, which make that interaction possible.

Masks don’t block a virus any more than a fence blocks a fly. But they do block conversation, reducing the rate at which this last can allow group interaction to fathom the government’s lies.

Masks also de-oxygenate and damage the brain — and poison the system with re-inhaled carbon dioxide, reducing immunity.



Creators of the world, unite! 

Unite as free individuals, in 8 billion strong opposition to WorldGov’s unaccountable monopoly. Create independently for a common cause of prosperity, love and light; on terms by you and your client — not any government.

Belief in the #CovidHoax #Scamdemic outrage — #ActualBodilyHarm, #Battery and a #CrimeAgainstHumanity — has survived so far in Britain because of deference to authority and an absence of self-belief amongst the abused public.

As Liverpool mounts rebellion against lockdown’s deliberate destruction — the known cause of spikes — can the vivid red of its football team and human spirit breathe fresh air into Britain’s class-poisoned, monarchy-choked self-worth?

!!! #RedRoar of a #NewRepublic !!!

#SimonDolan — founder of #KeepBritainFree.com and prosecutor of the government for lockdown — suggests that, in light of Prince Charles’ brazen push of the enslaving #GreatReset, Britain needs a Republican Party. 

This would remove the abusive crown psy-op that programmes people with a subconscious inferiority to their royal leader: in Britain’s case, ever since Henry VIII, the self-styled, heretic and idolatrous Head of the Church of England.

Doing so would de-toxify Britain’s political Right, showing that business is humanity, as individual creativity, money, energy and life all converge in harmony: a movement for the people and by the people — not the stultifying #AncienneRegime of monarchy, who sedate to tax and crush.

!!! #LifeRebellion !!!

A huge pool of human energy lies in Scotland, Wales and the North of England. 

Like sovereign Ireland, these regions of Britain have a liberation which is missing in the South of England — but which has long flourished in America, as their emigrants self-belief became wealth.

A people-powered #LifeRebellion can re-direct misguided Leftist retaliation against Soft-Fascist ruling class oppression, which only makes both ruling class and oppression bigger; inducing Northern England and Scotland to vote for weak, corrupt, over-funded, energy-sucking Leftist governance, as a sorry alternative to a ruling class Conservative Party that thinks itself — and the royals, now pushing #GreatReset.com — inherently superior.

Can Liverpool’s spirit switch #FrozenToryBlue to an #AtlanticistRepublicanRed of British humanity: not needing obese, #ExtinctionGovernment and its corrupt oversight of enforced fairness that destroys diversity and wealth — and crushes ever more heavily on its diet of expanding tax?

!!! #TEATIME !!!

After Boston freed America from the Crown’s dark hunger, Britain needs its own tea party. When will a Libertarian, low-tax British Republic start the party for #RealLife on the #EastSide ???

As the Queen made her speech to introduce the Lockdown to the British public, she referred to a future by when ‘more normal times’ would have returned. As she said that — and also as she signed off with World War II slogan, ‘#WeWillMeetAgain’ — she seemed to bare a shiftiness and guilt that I have never seen on her before: perhaps one befitting the awful intent behind the promise only of ‘MORE normal times’, in a speech whose WWI reference seemed not just to use it as an attempted unifier, but to be charged with the same deep, obscure evil.

!!! OVER AND OUT !!!

Was that the Queen’s last such speech ??? Freedom lies out-with the NWO, and thus out-with the monarchy — its old guise.

A world conflict between the American Constitution, and a #GlobalistSocialist UN Reich, will expose the crown’s political and metaphysical corruption, and hasten #TeaPartyFreedom — which could even exist world wide, helped by Trump and Bolsonaro.

In Britain, Simon Dolan, with his wisdom, courage, confidence and effort, might be the ultimate first President: freeing subjects as citizens, to believe, create, prosper and ascend.

God Bless Britain.

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