America’s constitution has safeguarded many things.

One is freedom of religion.

Another is the divine sanctity of the human spirit — protected ever since the moment of independence from the British crown.


From the monarchy’s presence stems destructive self-doubt, that afflicts many Britons subconsciously: their having accepted Britain’s social contract declares them inferior to the monarch — to the Head of State.

This programmed low self-esteem distorts protest, making it demand corrupt help, not freedom for the self. Thus authority, like a drug dealer, has made people need it, and can manipulate them as addicts.

Significantly, since Henry VIII, the British monarch has been the head of the Church of England. This focus of worship on a being other than the Holy Trinity is wrong — and dangerous.

!!! BAD VIBES !!!

This has become palpably clear during the #Scamdemic months of 2020. 

From the strange tone of guilt that underlay the Queen’s initial lockdown speech to the nation, to the manipulative fear-mongering of BBC Church of England broadcasts, wrapt in tones of odious conformism to establishment deference, a false spiritual guide seems to have hidden truth’s light.


Yet, in the toughest of conditions, the POTUS has honored the truth and service that is essential to his office.

From March, onwards, his briefings carried the torch of human liberty, from what felt like the gates of hell.

Instead of using vagueness to scare and control, he brought clarity, decision and reassurance.

He did not present himself as a false god: he pointed to the real God.


The Republic’s Freedom of Religion leaves choice open — and choices genuine. And religion’s separation from state leaves it politically uncorrupted.

As Britain has shown through troubled contrast, in 2020, this has been invaluable for America and the world.

In the Republic, the Constitution and Donald Trump’s outstanding stewardship of both, lies the basis for life’s prosperity and salvation. In Joe Biden’s UN globalism — interestingly promoted by the quasi #NWOmonarchy of exiled royals #HarryAndMegan — would lie the same twisted darkness that has been afflicting Britain, but this time on a global and inescapable scale.

In 1776, the Consitution kept a light which would prevail for over two centuries.

On November 3, the American voters of 2020 can secure this again — for their country, and for humanity worldwide.

God Bless America.

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