The American Constitution of 1776 is an idea which was agreed upon as a social contract.

It is not a person, or a dynasty — still less an event, that society can judge as a arbitrarily generalised legal precedent for the future.

Because of the precision and durability of a refined, written idea, American freedom has long had a secure platform, which cannot easily be eroded by fashion, corruption, ignorance or criminality.

There might even be a comparison with The Word, as it is mentioned at the start of The Bible.

‘In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.’

‘Creation’ is a phenomenon. Linguistically it is an abstract noun, and also a hypothetical generalisation the gerund ‘creating’, which itself is an instance of the enactment of the verb ‘to create’.

So ‘the word’ becomes ‘the verb’ — a process, that a mathematician would describe with a matrix: a set of multi-dimensional vectors. Words are messages, not heralds. Words that carry meaning truly project it, without consciousness’ capacity for distortion.

Words are safes for truth.

This clarity of 1776 has wrought lasting civic stability for great success.

The euphoria of the free vacuum realises America’s creative imperative. Courtesy is routinely extended beyond friendship, as the prospering, limitless empathy of business — and its honest, energy-web construction. Atlanticist civility is friendship’s exploratory extension, not its replacement.

!!! REAL POWER !!!

Business outreach is therapy, that finds the inner self. It has helped build America. 

Britain’s greater emphasis on convention-signified hierarchy than on achievement creates a culture of herds, defined and manipulable by fashion, not freed by logic: the same herds that sacrifice their freedom for the undemocratic, farcical #NewNormal, that brands UN will, brazenly, to enforce it with hashtag dictatorship. Like their country’s non-existent written constitution, their inexperience of one-to-one business leaves their bargaining power without principal.

For self-worth to fortify citizens against big, bad government, the empathy of business is invaluable.

Perhaps, as the UK’s government-controlled economic demolition proceeds, need will prevail, and Britons will tune to others well enough to sell — without needing permission.

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