!!! TSARFACE !!!

Death threats are made to lawyers, by politicians, to stop them working for #TeamTrump to expose the NWO election fraud. That is according to Trump lawyer Rudi Giuliani, in the video below.

Is the FBI involved in the fraud investigation, supported by strong evidence of heinous crime at Federal Level?

And are further criminal investigations looking into the threats themselves?

If the answer is ‘no’, then the Western world appears to be in the grip of a very powerful criminal gang. The silent media would seem complicit, as #TeamTrump lawyer, Rudi Giuliani, outlines the gargantuan fraud that the world ignores.


Stepping back, the combination of establishment Covid measures’ illogicality, psyop choreography and illegal yet draconian enforcement, shows pre-planning and great commitment, rather than opportunism, in keeping with a #DeepState of such monstrous scale that it seeks to orchestrate a covert coup on the planet’s capital of democracy, and has the establishment media MSM in its pocket.

If this shadow government and false reality date from the fall of the Berlin Wall — as suggested by #WinterOak — what happened before that? Even when the USSR existed, much of the architecture of the West was the same as now, with its lobbyists, and unofficial dynasties.

How much history of the past few centuries, as taught in the mainstream, is true? As #TeamTrump works to overturn the evil NWO’s anti-human crime, we may find answers to just this question.

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