With timeless truth, a Disney version of Cinderella echoed and confirmed the simple and gargantuan abuse of people in many nations around the world, this year and festive season, by those governments compliant with the #CovidCon.

BBC continuity announcer: ‘unlike us, Cinderella SHALL go to the ball’

In what may yet be seen as a misjudgment by corrupt power, the story was broadcast on UK terrestrial TV with tragic resonance. Continuity announcers did their best to intercept its message, with the vapid obsession of their coercion to conform to an establishment-pushed self-punishment. This followed a Christmas midnight mass which seemed to celebrate not just a reduction in consumerism, but official restriction of social life to small gatherings, for its own sake: a strange attitude for an organization that believes in the sanctity of the human spirit.

On the Feast of Stephen, Truth Excites wishes humanity love, happiness and the natural joy of the fiesta: unmuzzled by dehumanizing lies and fear, and empowered by the healthy self-love that overrides oppression — as exemplified, worldwide, by Cinderella: the poster girl of romantic revolution.

!!! Cinderella, and Whitney Houston, both !!!

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